Tamela Mann

Tamela Mann Lifts the world up in this video. She is telling us to hold on the best is yet to come.

Althea Rene and Jeanette Harris

Althea and Jeanette created Aa beautiful rendition of “We are one”  Come on ladies.

The Womack Sisters

Check out the The Womack Sisters  on this single they are chatting it up with “Lost for Words ” saying it’s never 50 50 and you got a lot of nerve. 


Beyonce is telling the world to not let things break there soul!She is telling everybody!!!! 


Joi StaRR says lets make a deal if you are really true nothing can come between us in her single “Love Story “

Pamela Williams the Saxtress. 

 “I Say a little Payer” is The Saxtress take on it. It’s a beautiful song.  Check it out.