Saturday, November 26, 2022
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Kerry Mondragon’s TYGER TYGER is a pandemic thriller (shot before the events of COVID-19) about love and addiction that ignites the emotional chemistry between its professional actors, led by Dylan Sprouse and Sam Quartin, and its cast of non-professional actors, who are the actual hyperreal edge dwellers of real-life Slab City, California. It tells the story of a band of youthful edge dwellers who raid a pharmacy of pandemic meds to distribute freely in Free City, an anarchic desert encampment of abandoned, sensitive, and vulnerable young people. Their chemistry brings to life the whole spectrum of the authentic experience of today’s traumatized youth underworld in ways that are recognizable to those who have lived it.

Mondragon was recognized and mentored by director Spike Lee on the set of Lee’s film DA SWEET BLOOD OF JESUS, and has been inspired by Lee’s films growing up.

By including the actual non-actors who comprise the not-yet-heralded global counterculture we see at Slab City, as well as their very real improvised living conditions and dwellings, Mondragon aimed to shoot the film like a psychedelic Dorothea Lange. His cinematic POV aims to provide the audience with an unforced magical realism that tells a stark truth in the form of a road odyssey stripped of Hollywood illusion.










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