Sunday, January 29, 2023

E. Dewey Smith

E. Dewey Smith Scores Two Nominations at the 2022 Dove Awards! And Stellar Awards “New Artist of the Year”

When asked about these nominations, Smith says “God continues to manifest Ephesians 3:20 in my life. He exceeds my wildest dreams! My prayer is that people will see my story and then passionately pursue everything that God has ordained for them.” Pebble Street Records Promotions Director Tracey Artis also adds, “Pebble Street Records is a force to be reckoned with in the gospel music industry. E. Dewey Smith’s music continues to pierce the hearts of gospel music lovers everywhere. His Dove nominations are another indicator of his musical aqueous leaving an indelible mark within the music community.” Smith was a guest on JO Today he shared light on his two projects that is close to his heart he is an advocate for mental health awareness for al especially black communities’ black men, church communities. He experienced heartbreaking tragedy with the loss of his grandmother mother best friend and sister in just 28 days. This experience led Pastor Dewey to seek therapy. He says that his seminary experiences coupled with pastoring people made him acutely aware of his own adequacies in ministering effectively in certain situations. It has been vividly clear for quite some time that most pastors and ministries are not prepared to deal with all of the challenges that effect parishioners. Many people reject the reality of mental illness because of an over emphasis on the devil demons and evil spirits reading the bible accepting Christ being saved and having the holy spirit and not cure all’s for every issue and dysfunction

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