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Martin Delaney

Martin Delaney

Martin Delaney is a British actor known for ‘Zero Dark Thirty’, ‘Flags Of Our Fathers’, ‘Beowulf and Grendel’ and ‘Now You See Me 2’. Delaney has a career now spanning an incredible 25 years, Martin has contributed to a vast number of BAFTA, Academy Award, Emmy and Golden Globe winning and nominated projects. From classic British TV Comedy to American roles in Oscar winning films, Delaney has had a varied and interesting career. Comedy work includes BAFTA winning “Him and Her”, “Josh”, “Teenage Kicks” and John Sullivan’s prequel to “Only Fools and Horses”; “Rock and Chips”

In summer 2022 Delaney played the lead role of Rob Ryan in the biopic film “The King Of…”. Directed by Emil Ben Shimon. The film follows New Yorker Rob’s arduous journey in creating his Silicon Valley-based tech company Ascend, which saved the internet from extinction in the early 90s. The release date for the film is TBC.

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