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A Night of Love

JO Today’s A Night of Love

Loving You Always

Lucretia’s and Jeffry’s love story started on September 22nd 2010 at 10:31 AM with a rescheduled appointment to tour the place of employment of her niece, who has Down Syndrome. 


On this first initial meeting Lucretia discovered a few things about Jeffry. First, She found him to be handsome, professional, and a gentleman. A few other things she noticed was his exceptional flavor in his style of clothing, and his friendliness. That day she also eventually came to notice he gave the longest most detailed, all-around-the-way tours ever! What she thought would be a 20 minute tour and a visit with her niece, turned into a well over an hour long hike around the entire building. That’s because Jeffry was trying to prolong the tour so he could continue talking to her as long as possible. He showed her broom closets and bathrooms. He even showed her an empty room for future projects. All Lucretia was thinking this entire time was, when can I see where my niece works! Little did she know that Jeffry was a little infatuated by a radiant light he could see around her as soon as he laid eyes on her. That light intensified when he saw the reaction between Lucretia and her niece when the two of them finally connected at her niece’s workstation. The electricity and love Jeffry saw between Lucretia and her niece when their eyes met, told his heart this is an undeniable loving relationship between the two of them. Intrigued, he wanted to know more about this woman and her loving heart. To be honest, Lucretia was unaware of the impact their first meeting had on Jeffry. She enjoyed the tour and found him very pleasant. However, what stood out the most to her was the respectful way he treated her during her visit. His conversation was engaging and his eyes and smile told her he has a kind heart. Her niece confirmed it because while Jeffry was watching how Lucretia’s niece responded to her, she was watching how her niece was reacting to him. Special needs gifted her niece with a pure hearted sense of discernment. The trust and genuine affection she saw between Jeffry and her niece was impossible to miss or ignore. Now Lucretia was intrigued and wanted to know more about him. What made him so special that her niece was so fond of him?  


After a few emails and phone calls all on the same day of the tour, he asked her out for a coffee date within the same week. Jeffry said the purpose of the coffee invite was to discuss their mutual interest in assisting adults with developmental disabilities. Inviting her for a non-threatening date for coffee was clever, but Jeffry actually doesn’t even drink coffee. In fact, he hates coffee. Furthermore, Lucretia who is the girl most likely to say no, actually said yes to his invite. Their connection was building after he shared that his older brother also has Down Syndrome. Therefore their mutual love and compassion for family blossomed into a first dinner date. The coffee date never happened.   


12 years together of which the last 7 were as a married couple, they’ve grown more infatuated and in love with each other. It has been a journey of life critical health problems for Lucretia along with shear and utter exhaustion for Jeffry. Frustration and some unexpected heartaches for both, all which were brought on by circumstances beyond their control over the years. From his father’s classic car breaking down on the Interstate on their way to a surprise night of fine dining, where he would ask her to wear his mother’s ring to signify just how serious their relationship was getting. To an absolutely beautiful Roaring 20s and Big Band themed wedding at the exquisite Dayton Art Institute. They even filmed a silent movie parody of how they met. Only later to prepare for Lucretia to be put on a kidney transplant list and begin emergent hemodialysis. Not even a year into their marriage. Spending endless days and nights with Jeffry sitting by Lucretia’s hospital bed praying for God to heal her body and restore strength. To this day they’ve never had a honeymoon because of so many hurdles to overcome. It’s been one after another. Through every trial and tribulation by the love, grace and favor of God, their love for each other has not only prevailed, it’s grown deeper and has a renewed strength. If Lucretia hadn’t already fallen totally in love with Jeffry because of the way he made her feel a type of love she only thought was in fairytales. The lovingly way he cared for her during one of the scariest and most uncertain times in her life assured it. Watching someone you love struggle with a critical illness feels like it’s happening to you too. To marry someone who is self sufficient and independent, and before the wedding cake is stale they become a shell of that person, takes a super natural kind of love to withstand this kind of drastic change. When everything in their lives was turned upside down and uncertainty was ever present. The one thing Lucretia and Jeffry was certain they had was love. God knew exactly what He was doing when He put Lucretia and Jeffry together. They are each other’s best friend. They laugh, cry and even enjoy playing together. Jeffry continues to be selfless and makes many sacrifices. He’s committed to Lucretia one day realizing her dream of being an accomplished singer songwriter. Just as she is committed to ensuring his health and happiness, and promising to give all the glory to God. This speaks volumes of the love and faith they continue to have in spite of all the obstacles they’ve encountered.  


OK, so she doesn’t enjoy watching the Waltons as much as he does. However, there is no other joy than experiencing the simple life together. From Jeffry pushing her in a wheelchair down the busy city streets of Chicago just for her to try a Chicago style hotdog for the very first time. Or sharing the experience of eating hot pizza they picked up from a carry out order straight out of the box while driving home. Or taking fried chicken and buttered bread to the drive-in movies, or just curling up on the couch together.  


With God they still have the faith and courage to see this journey through. In their hearts, their marriage is a dream come true even if it doesn’t appear to those on the outside looking in. Their faith in God has blessed Lucretia with a kidney transplant a year ago and they believe the best is yet to come.  

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