A Night of Love

The Story of Beans & Frank

The Love Story of Benita & Frank

One, to see if my phone was working correctly because the cable guy was here fixing it. The second reason was to ask if she wanted to go to a play. I had free tickets to the PlayHouse In The Park. Frank overheard the conversation, and when I got off the phone, he said “you don’t have a male friend to go to the play with”? I said “No”. But, at the time I was dating a guy but he had been missing in action and I was contemplating breaking up with him. When Frank got done fixing my phone, I walked him out to his truck and that is when he asked me if he could, “lock my number in his phone “so he could call me about going on a date. With excitement ,I said, “Yes”!! Frank called me the next day and he told me he tried to get an outfit so that he could go with me to the PlayHouse in the Park. We also set a time and date to go out. The day of our date he pulled up on the wrong side of the street in a Red Volvo Wagon Jetta with a personalized license plate (Seduction). He had enough bass in his car to get the party started! We went to AppleBee’s for dinner. I thought he was cheap because, the waitress asked if we wanted dessert and he said “I could met your supplier in the parking lot and buy the whole pie for the price of a slice of pie” Then Frank said “ If you want dessert we can go to Dunkin Donuts and get a half or full dozen for less then a slice of pie.” So after dinner we went to Dunkin Donuts and got a half dozen donuts.

Over the next couple of weeks we got to know each other very well. He told me about his daughter and previous marriage that ended in divorce. Frank also told me about his three kids who live with their mother in Miami Florida. In July Frank’s father passed away unexpectedly and the funeral was in Miami Florida. I flew to Miami to support him and met all of his family. The next five years of dating we would vacation between Miami and Virginia where my brother lives. We also broke up and got back together about three times. We would break up because I wanted to get married and because of Frank’s past marriage he didn’t want to get married again. We would get back together because Frank would realize he missed me and would ask me to marry him.  The last time we broke up  was Thanksgiving 2009 for the same reason. After we broke up we didn’t see each other for about five months. I received a four month internship with Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida. Well, I guess it is true what they say about,” distance makes the heart grow fonder” and the help of Frank’s friend Leaonard.

When I returned home in August of 2010 I had lost weight and had a “pecan tan” as Frank called it. I called him to return his suitcase he let me borrow and told me his friend

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