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A Night of Love

The Shaw’s 30 Years and Counting

Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite

The Shaw’s—30 years and counting… 

“Every Love Story Is Beautiful, But Ours Is My Favorite” 


The Pentecostal Boy Meets the Baptist Church Girl 

Well, well, well. Many years ago there were two churches in Baltimore that had very strong youth ministries that shared fellowships at least once a year–United Baptist Church (Eastside) and Mt. Calvary Holy Temple (Westside). There was this short guy with the prettiest afro who was the organist! All the girls liked him because he could play and he had an Afro–except me. I wasn’t the least bit interested. He wasn’t my “TYPE” at all. Unbeknown to me, he had eyes for me. Of course, how could he not–the light-skinned pretty girl in the alto section who sat on the right side of the choir stand with her two best friends. Whenever their choir would visit, he knew where to find me. He was such a nice guy, I felt sorry for him and decided to talk to him over the phone. We developed a phone friendship. You know, the kind where you talked on the phone all night and fell asleep on the phone. There was something very different about him. I knew he was a church boy, and we Baptist girls weren’t really into church boys….especially not the Pentecostal ones.  

Well, let’s fast forward the story. I gave in and became his girlfriend. He was the perfect gentleman and always was true to his faith–even when he tried to get kisses. We dated all through high school, we were High School lovers. The time had come to separate–the first test of our relationship–“distance.” I went to Lincoln University in Pa and he went to Central State in Ohio. He would write me often, send me my favorite candy and call me on the dorm hallway phone. That knock on my door that I had a call, always made my heart skip a beat. I would run down that hall so fast and then say “hello” like it was no big deal. Lol. I couldn’t let him know I missed him like that. We survived our college years which sealed the deal that God put us together for life. That Pentecostal Boy dismissed every myth I thought about church boys….especially the Pentecostal ones. I could tell so many stories about our journey—especially that first kiss (lol), but here we are 30 years later and we are still together! To God Be All the Glory!  



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